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Three young chaps go into a restaurant. They buy a meal for 30, so they pay 10 each. They leave.The manager realises they have been over-charged by 5, so sends the waiter after them with the money. The waiter keeps 2 as a tip, and gives each chap 1 change. That means, they each paid 9. 3 x 9=27 The waiter's tip is 2, making 29, so where has the other 1 gone? Answer Fried bread is a great favourite in the UK. You can put 2 slices into our frying pan and it takes 1 minute to do one side. How long does it take to fry 3 pieces of bread on both sides? Answer How many letters in the answer to this question?  A: 1		B: 2 C: 3		D: 4 Answer Those three chaps again. One is a crack shot with a gun, hits nearly everything every time. The second has a 50% record. The third misses nearly everything. They are given identical loaded guns in an equilateral triangular room. Only one will survive. In fairness, the poorest shot is given the first chance. What does he do, and why? Answer The same three chaps are being tested by a wise man. "I have three white caps and two black caps", he says, "You will close your eyes. I will put a hat onto each of your heads, and hide the others. You will not be able to see your own hat. You have to deduce what colour hat you are wearing."So he does, and the chaps open their eyes, and there is a pause, and then one of the chaps says... Answer
Arrange the letter of NEW DOOR to make one word...
Answer Solve the problem (each letter is different 0 to 9):     CROSS + ROADS DANGER Answer Puzzles