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answers answers The Maths is faulty here. The 27 they pay includes the tip, so it shouldn't be added on again. Solutions saying "they all must have white caps or it wouldn't be fair" are no good. Imagine you are the person who wins, person 1. He looks and sees two caps. He imagines he has a black cap. He puts himself in the position of the next chap. If he  saw two black caps he would have immediately said "I have a white cap", but he doesn't. Person 2 doesn't know. Person 3 has a white cap and person 2 doesn't know, and person 3 doesn't know, so neither sees a black cap and person 1 must have a white cap!
Here are a few clues: •D must be 1 •C and R cannot be zero because you do not start numbers with zero •S + S = R so S is not zero and R is even
He has to shoot in the air. The biggest rivals are the other two. The second person to shoot will try to shoot the third and the poorest shot will have to take his chance with the one that remains. Shooting at one of the others first increases the chances he will be shot at next.

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